A picture tells you more then a thausend words

A video tells more than all words put together

Leading picture proof

via video, GPS

Audio und sensor technology

your personal witness

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Peter Wirnsberger`s



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Peter Wirnsberger leading in personal self defense by way of video and data Recording in the car.

Only for people who have something to lose.

My personal wish is to protect victims by giving them the Opportunity to record infractions and to be able to supply neccessary proof to bring the perpetrator to justice, ultimately having the truth win out.

Unfortunately we live in a time where a victim is forced to prove their innocence. I am on your side by providing you with The opportunity to purchase CarBlackBox.

Everyone in my family has the CarBlackBox in their car, we know why.


Unterschrift: Peter Wirnsberger



Bild: Peter Wirnsberger

Peter Wirnsberger

Olympic Silvermedalist

Vice- World-Champion and

World-Cup-Winner alpine

Downhill skiing




Peter Wirnsberger GmbH. Laurentistrasse 7,

A- 8794 Vordernberg, Tel: 00433849557,

E-mail: WIRNIS@outlook.com,

Handelsgericht Leoben, FN86446b, UID: ATU29846405, EORI: ATEOS1000015925

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